Deadly dental


I came across this article last night pretty randomly, as I wasn’t looking for anything about dental work. I do have a broken tooth that has turned into a cavity and I have been trying to decide how I’m going to deal with it, so thats why it captured my attention. I have been aware of the mercury content in dental amalgam for some time now and I just can’t get comfortable with the idea of this element sitting as close to my brain as my teeth… permanently! Really I would rather just do without the tooth, It’s a back tooth and it can’t be that big of a deal. I went to a dentist about 6 months ago and was told that I may or may not need a root canal, but definitely a filling. To be honest I found the guy kind of shady and I didn’t really want him to put his hands in my mouth… just something about the vibe I guess but I was already there so. He looked at my teeth and decided that I needed a cleaning, something I had not had done by a dentist since I was a kid. During the cleaning all I could think was I didn’t realize how abrasive this comes off. The scraping, scratching super brushing and sucking just didn’t feel like the best thing for my tooth enamel. I reminded myself that this guy is a licensed professional so I’m in good hands but this is dangerous. After I found myself wondering if the cleaning had only been necessary because I wasn’t having the filling put in. Not that I don’t believe that some professionals along these lines go into what they do for altruistic reasons or the love of what they do. The truth of the matter is these people are just that and we are susceptible to greed and fallacy. The information I knew already caused me to put my foot down about the filling but things I read in the article just confirmed my intuition about the practices and contraptions employed by this and other dentists. Their information is no different or better than that we can find on our own nowadays, don’t let anyone back you into a corner if you don’t feel sure and make sure your sure. Just because tools and practices have been in use a long time doesn’t mean they are best for you. licenses are not certificates of omnipotence or moral purity, you wouldn’t put your health in the hands of any other stranger blindly. My goal at this point is just to have the tooth pulled FUCK THAT!


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