Only this moment.

The mind can be a cruel trickster. The present, the moment your in in this instant is a tricky thing. Because although it’s all we have, our actions right now are governed by two other points in time on either side of it mentally. Our state of being in the present, is directed by both the memory of moments that no longer exist, which we call the past and the isolation of a few infinite possible moments that don’t exist yet called futures. No one wins every prize they set out for and thats definitely ok, the problem is that its immensely difficult to wrap ones mind around the fact that a failure has no connection to future success or failure. We cling to current circumstances out of fear of repeating past failures even when we don’t know what we are doing. So then this leaves our present at the mercy of our minds’ projection of our future as well. When more closely examined maybe the fear is more based in what people think, other’s perception of us in the context of judging our failures. In any case I realize now that I have found myself perplexed watching this situation play out in my life and the life of others many times. A pattern that like many other divisive mental pattern that present during ones life cycle when seen for what it is dissolves… if you want it to of course. This moment is all we have and I’m deciding to never squander another one of my right nows. Failures, fuck ups and snags are a part of the journey and tools for learning. I’ll never let the prospect stifle my expression again, because the truth is when I think about it anything I’ve done worth doing I was a little bit scared before I did it and didn’t even remember the fear after.

This was posted by someone I follow on Instagram and I use it as an affirmation, it feels relevant in this moment…

I am a creative limitless spirit.

I create space for the things I want in my life.

I recognize and seize my opportunities.

Peace and pleasure.


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