Rejection projection

I was just thinking about the concept that our world is a projection of our perception of the information we receive. Therefore the people in our lives are a projection of a part of us. There behavior plays out our issues in a context that make them more concrete, gives them some meat so they are easier to identify and change if we choose to. I think about times in my past when I have come up against resistance in some way from another person. The knee jerk reaction was the thought of how whatever adjective fit, that person was and how they were blocking what I was trying to do. The reality is when I think back there was some block in my own energy, in my own mentality that kept the corporeal block in place. Think about it this way… if one is always concerned about being betrayed they will treat people in a way that begets betrayal. They may go through loved one’s things for instance. At some point the object would find out they were being spied on. This would cause them to protect say a sensitive text message from a family member in a way that could come off suspicious and the cycle begins one side of the situation fueling the other. At some point the object of suspicion will realize there is nothing they can do and want out! If this person is not the type to face situations head on they may stick around and do all kinds of resentful things and the person with the issue gets what they where expecting. Don’t get me wrong because I’m not implying that everything we go through in life is your own fault in fact I’m sure most of it is not but neither are the issues. I’ve noticed that what one applies conscious and even subconscious energy to is what will expand. Therefor any interaction focused in negativity will nurture and expand negativity and that means a friendship, a marriage or even a familial relationship. I Iearned of a tragedy today that got me thinking of the fragility of life on this plane. I know that conscious essence is eternal but the people who we know and love here are a combination of that and the body, the ego, the psychology. All of which are things that could be factors in why we appreciate them. There are people I know in this life cycle that i’m sure I have known in others. I cherish looking in these people’s eyes, not the iris but the deepest part of them the essence of them because thats what is familiar to my spirit. The body they animate is known by this body and the truth is no matter how much spiritual growth one sees these parts of our being are intrinsically linked. There is no escaping the fact that this body will miss theirs in the event something happens so I revel in and appreciate the corporeal contact were capable of in this moment. I guess what I’m saying is give more hugs, express your caring, have more sex, be vulnerable with the respective appropriate parties because these bodies are once in a life time and the point of them is to facilitate contact. Really whats the worst that could happen?


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