I have to say I’m stoked that mercury is going to stop in it’s tracks tomorrow to turn direct. This retrograde period has been taken it’s toll on me. I have been feeling this one in a way I never noticed feeling the others. Besides being a time to avoid buying electronics and cars, or prepare for horrible communications. The retrograde period is also a time to reverse mentally. Mercury is the planet of the thought process indeed. Since retrograde just means apparent backward motion think of ones thought process doing just that. This is what I have noticed recently in my own experience. I have come up against some very old demons this week but the beauty of something like this is that it offers a chance to heal. Heal hurts that can easily be pushed into the depths of one’s consciousness by everyday life. Last night I came face to face with the ghosts of some people I never wanted to meet again. But because of this I was able to feel some rage that I didn’t have the self worth to feel before. Now I feel better able to process the emotions and LET IT GO. The past truly is powerful when we use it for its higher purpose as a tool for learning. It’s been brutal gut wrenching and infuriating but honestly I appreciate the opportunity for healing. I know I am a better being today because of what happened in my mind last night. Of course I have also been experiencing the communication snags, and foggy thinking as well. Grateful and excited for forward motion.

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