Disney disfunction


I was just thinking about how when I was a little kid I loved the evil characters in a lot of cartoons and especially disney movies. It makes me laugh to think about because my younger brother always seemed at least a little confused or concerned about my cheering on of Cruella De vil or Jafar. I look back now and I realize that it’s not the evil I was appreciating. It was the nuanced behaviors they were framing and associating as evil. It’s femininity, pay attention the next time you watch a disney movie and you will notice that the male villains are always more effeminate than the hero in some way. Scar with his refined sounding british sing song voice or Gaston and his ponytail, the captain in the movie Pocahontas wore heels! What is disney saying here? They are implaning the subtle idea of the evil homosexual with an agenda to distroy families or the prospect for them by distroying heterosexual relationships. Deeper than that there is the chauvinistic idea of the serpentine feminine, portraying those behavioral traits in a conniving underhanded sort of light. Generalizations such as “girls are sneaky” or “women are two faced” have been perpetuated forever and these images and associations serve to reinforce this kind of garbage.

These films are showcases for american imperialist propaganda. They implant ideas into the youth that “good” men should be a certain way. The marlboro man image comes to mind, the burly, rugged, unrefined cowboy type image that has been used as a symbol of american culture. This is not a mistake, and everything has a purpose, this image association conveys to non americans the idea that the country as a whole is much like the marlboro man. Fearless and fearsome, strong powerful and hard to beat, the image is backed up by a disgustingly over funded military compared to ALL other countries on earth. It suggest to americans that this is the way we and our men should be the exclusion of variety suggests it is abnormal. This definitely applies to the gross lack of ethnic variety, because no Alladin and Tiana are not sufficient to counter balance all the images of good ol “normal” whiteness. In a more subtle way these films also suggest what a good woman should be. No matter what feats she has pulled off on her own (Mulan) or how tough and resilient she is (Cinderella) she should always be searching for her prince because only he can truly save her.

This kind of generalizations and ideological propaganda, bolster rape culture. Rape culture spread by the patriarchal nature of imperialism in the first place. I have no doubt rapes have happened since the beginning of humanity just as murders have. It seems to be nature’s way for the stronger to take advantage of the weaker. But there is a difference between some specific happenings and a sublte cultural reassurance that femininity equals inferiority. This mentally associates those who exhibit qualities already associated with that energy with weakness of character or physicality essentially putting a target on our backs. I can’t count all the times I have shocked people to the core because they approached me expecting weakness in light of their observation of my behavior. The associations do permeate every aspect of human culture at this point. Objectively observe the way creative/artistic behavior is framed unless you have already been accepted as one of their greats, a requirement for which might be death.  Until then one’s passion is minimized as hobby or even laughed off in some circles. This sentiment is based on the energy and therefore the channeler not the creations themselves. Everyone loves beauty but it’s not to be owned channeled and used in power, it’s to be controlled and stamped for approval by the imperial patriarch. Sorry disney fans but these films are a weapon in the arsenal of those who want to manage our beliefs and therefor our perceptions.

I look forward to my brother reading this, i’m sure this little piece of our childhood will make a lot more since to him. After he’s done laughing at how deeply I have analyzed this idea of course.

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