Food police


I can’t tell you how often I have found myself yelling these words in my head. Luckily I am in control enough to keep myself from actually yelling it out loud but, it play’s out no less intensely in my head. I have fast food junkies in my life and no matter how much I rage inside my head this is what it is. Although I contain the bulk of my concern to my mind I have learned to do this based on past experience. Truly no one wants to hear all the time how much crap they are taking in especially when everyone around them is taking in the same stuff. Not only that but everyone else eating the same things seem to be completely safe and healthy.

I have learned that the best method is to plant the seed and let it grow. What I mean by this is quite simple, I’m learning to take on nature’s ways of patience and knowing. As with anything like this, one has to just live for inspiration. Let people see your life and how you benefit from living it the way you do. When others are ready to take on a bit of those benefits you see they will come to you and ask for insights. I’m not going to alter who I am so I relate naturally, I allow conversations to flow naturally and my knowledge and curiosity bring themselves to light. My passion for healing is ingrained in who I am, its a part of my personality so I talk about it on autopilot.

I’ve realized that I have come to a place where anyone who knows me doesn’t need me to say “don’t eat that” because it’s implied by the fact that I won’t. I’ve noticed this approach has even brought more people to me with questions. More people that I was shocked to see standing in front of me. I don’t care how it happens, the objective is to share information and optimize health. The reality is how can bark at people about how to live when I’m on my journey figuring it out as I go too. Fuck perfection, its boring I have way too many cookies sometimes. Frequently enough that anyone who knows me knows this. No one is going to go through life without vices, they are a part of it. But I feel amazing because my body is happy, and that is a different thing to every-body.

The sum of all actions should be treating the corporeal body well. Proper maintenance and proper fuel, like a car you love, only its your body so you get to eat yummy things. None of us will completely avoid all contamination because our environment is tainted and this is natural. No one is going to die because they ate a burger and fries, although eating this everyday will give one heart disease. Yes these things deteriorate our health but so does stress and negativity. The balance is in seeing what is happening and getting it together without beating one’s self up about it. The truth is sometimes seeing is exactly what is needed. The juxtaposition between me bouncing around happily and feeling sluggish congested and having headaches is seeing enough for people. The thing is most often these and other symptoms get labeled and we go out and get something at the pharmacy to treat it.

The beautiful thing and the nature of inspiration is that eventually everyone who is exposed to something other sees the link between it and the other lifestyle. In situations where the other lifestyle is perceived as more pleasant and peaceful we are bound to seek it out. It is our nature to pursue pleasure and this is what makes the whole thing run so to speak. How easy this makes everything that can seem so complicated. Be natural, authentically you let the happy it brings to you radiate. Others will absolutely want a piece.

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