Meditation 3/11

I feel my destiny is upon me but honestly I don’t fully know what that means. I have ideas about where life is going and what is coming to me but I have to remain open to all possibilities. I know things only get more exciting from here and I am determined to make the most of this cycle. I feel love like I have never felt it before. Love for myself love for humanity and love for the one I will encounter soon. I breath this out to you during my meditations. I hope you feel it, my energy the warmth radiating from deep within. That is me, my spirit is touching yours, comforting and caring for you. I want to do this physically but there are barriers both mental and physical. When you are ready, when you are truly in need of this I will be here. I am always here because I love you, in a way you do not yet understand. I love you because I recognize myself in you and you in me. We are already one so there is no desperation or sadness. No manipulation or resentment only a longing for unity for homecoming. I miss you.

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