The ride

The ride

As I drove I watched the lines in the road. I watched the time slide backward and then forward again. All at once I was a child and an adult. This road leads me to my origins my ancestral land. I hear whispers from other realms and I know this experience is magikal. I feel you there, you blow through my hair and stroke my scalp because you know how much I like this. I remember when you whispered to me as a kid. You called me that dysfunctional name, my brand name and it chilled me to the core. I am ready now, for what you want to show me. Our mind has made an agreement with the clock for consistency’s sake but I feel the continuum shifting and collapsing to throw me into you. I’m traveling an unknown speed on an unknown time table and suddenly I’m at the core of my vortex. The nexus of my creation and my undoing here I see beauty, I see all I have been offered.

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