Dream germinate pt. 2

I have been M.I.A. for a while and I have to say I have missed sitting down and sharing whats going on in my head. This is all very therapeutic for me in fact. There is something in sharing my thoughts that releases the energy to be used for other things, but alas some things are all consuming for me such as hammering out my personal projects. There has been so much happening both in my mind and physically, nothing too dramatic just… consuming. Well at any rate lets catch up, here is a little of what I have been up to…

IMG_1737I had been waiting for the last frost date much of the winter. I was stoked to finally be able to get some things in the ground and although I underestimated the amount of work required It feels good to be tired at the end of the day from doing only what I want to do. I’m excited about this bed for sure. Spinach & Collards


IMG_1732Earthworms are always a great sign of good things going on in your soil and this guy was FAT. This worm stretched almost across the other side of my hand as well. lettuces will be sharing a home with this worm in a couple months.



IMG_1725This was the best part for me! It was truly a gift for me to be able to share my limited knowledge about something I feel such fire for with children. Jada and Akima expressed interest in learning a bit about gardening so we made a date. Its been said that the best way to learn is by teaching. 🙂 It’s definitely the most fulfilling and I think we all felt smarter.

♥ ♥


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