Holy hiatus

It’s been a while since I sat down and set out to do this and I have to say friends… it feels good. My site even physically went away for a while there for a lot of you after I lost my URL. A fiasco that happened under my nose and was a miniature disaster for me but also was an easy and auspicious fix after a wait. During which I didn’t feel impatient or even think about it much because I was working out my own mental patterns and making necessary alterations. It’s something how one can do so much of this and feel so smart and live right into seeing how off they are. At any rate, I have my url back and am therefore back in business.

I have been working on some new projects and taking my art in some different directions. I’m stoked about the piece I’m working on now because its a complete departure from my drawings. Not really though because I did draw the outlines on the canvas first. I have been expressing through paint and it feels amazing! There is something that much more satisfying about expressing with color. That is why I so often end up adding marker or color pencil to my work when I get deeper into it. Any way I am super into this piece and I know its important because of the way it feels as it comes. I also keep thinking of these lyrics by the Black Eyed Peas “ma man I’m loving this piece” they mean peace but its the phonetics. This is a much bigger template than I typically work with which feels great as well. Its liberating to break out of the 8 1/2 by 11 world!

I also picked up a delivery job at night and that has been taking over many of my nights for a few weeks now. I picked up the job in an attempt to earn some extra and to supplement for these later summer months when things have predictably slowed down with massage and bodywork. It’s working out great for extra money and I actually kind of like driving around the city late night. It seems to me though that the establishment cannot keep anyone doing the whole thing for long. I wanted very part time but I have worked more than 40 hours all 3 weeks I have been there and even when I’m not there I have people calling or texting me to ask for coverage. I have to have time to live, to sleep, to work on my art and of course for my career. Something that seems to be hard to understand for the other people who work there even though they are consumed by this restaurant monster too. Its a glaring example of the difference between being awake and in tune with ones true purpose and just being a work zombie. I am selling off my labor, dancing with the slave master to get what I want only. I will not be manipulated into misguided loyalties that take me off my own track and put me on someone else’s. Use what I allow you to use of me and attempt to take nothing more or you will fail.

All in all the scene has been a constantly shifting one that looking back over makes me chirp “holy hiatus”. I like it though, it all turns me on a bit. Here is my current pet I’m sure you want to slap me by now for raving about and an example of one of my pencil drawings that fell into the kaleidoscope in my mind.❥❥

WAMPencil, marker, acrylic

IMG_2164 IMG_2176Acrylic and a little pencil and pen. 34×34 :-D. These still feel unfinished. This is the progression.