Your not that kid.

There is a part of us that always is. The spiritual element to everything. Once this is realized things become much easier. It is easy to then see the truth that you were designed for a purpose that when fulfilled will produce all the happiness you desire. Whatever it is feels good and right, natural. logic is a fabulous tool for navigating through the cubical that is wider reality. It is a hurdle to spiritual realization. It takes on a diabolical character when fitted with all the land mines that are personal experiences of insufficiency and inefficiency. Those alternate versions of yourself that it creates are not real. You are real. What you do is real. You are not that kid because you are only what you want to be. If you were a kid who kept playtime tidy it is because you wanted to on some level, regardless of what was taught to you. If you made mayhem then you wanted mayhem. If you carefully orchestrated something between mayhem and perfect prim then this is who you are. The fact that you fear the version of yourself that is other is what gives it power to peak its head into reality. ♥♥♥Your not that kid

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