Then the sun returned

Morning rose on Maryland and Virginia, a golden glow warmed the world again. Although I had gotten not a wink of sleep I was refreshed by a good stretch at a gas station in Baltimore. The morning revived me and I felt the hazy perplexity of a tired mind break. So I spent the morning hours traveling thorough to North Carolina and the afternoon making my way to Charlotte. Around 1 pm the missed sleep came back with vengeance. I was overtaken by a powerful lethargy and mild delirium mere miles from my destination. I arrived barely in touch with my body. I slept deeply for many hours, then I made lego houses. I spent 3 days with my parents and little brother.

IMG_2217Leesburg VA.

Charlotte was full of moments with my immediate family and closest friends. I took in a festival and shared warm moments with those whom I have the closest relationships. It was difficult to move ahead but I was excited to connect with other loved ones and to feel the peace balance and connection with deepest self that come with being home in the truest sense. It was time to head to South Carolina.

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