Now I will tell you

The ride home was uneventful. I opted to spend more time having fun on the ground than on the road figuring my way back so I took the interstate highway. I found it to be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on everything. The new things I am discovering about myself and about life. I have been going through such transformation but it keeps turning out to be based on me following my deepest urges. I am what I always was I’ve just rejected mental conditioning, other than that I choose for myself. I appreciate being able to share my experiences with you. Its amazing to keep pulling back the layers and realizing how caged we can be and not even know it. Now I will tell you. Both to and fro I had very vivid visions of completing this journey in different cycles as different individuals many times. I have a deeper understanding of my role in everything. Thank you for sharing, thank you for being. This was a great sound for the mental mashup of us traversing east coast USA. ♥

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