They dance spinning weaving through many dimensions. Crystalline brain integrating synthesizing programs. Amplify healing. Explode. Expand beyond confines. Things only matter in the realm of matter. You come from far beyond climbed from the bottom. Now is your chance. Up up to perfect progress. Ascend beyond Animalia. You are spirit.

Another snapshot in the progression of this piece. I like to refrain from naming my art. I prefer to let it speak for it’s self, tell me it’s name.

3 thoughts on “888

  1. Dear Karenga, The colors are splendid and the Spirit shining through is so clear. I so love your dancing Spirits.
    Thank you for all the energy you share with me and with so many.

  2. Hi there, Karenga,

    I think of you often and I so appreciate your kindness to me when I was a Koko member.

    I did send this email to Christine Johnson and to Kristine via the Koko connection. I took more care in sharing this with you because we talked about deeper levels of things… and,we did talk about Koko, too. Now, you know what I am suggesting for my financial contributions to Koko for the next month.

    Thank you, Karenga, for all you share and care about.

    Love and Blessings, Ellen

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