Hollywood bitch


Spirit genetics: What is the eternal you made of? It is frightening to you because this frightens us all. This is because it implies that there are facets of you that cannot be blamed on DNA. Impulses that one cannot give her parents credit for. One’s experience can transcend DNA. Think on this, DNA is what determines what your brain is like and more often than not you feel in control of your brain. You are and it is your charge to do just that, this includes all the fear and negativity that came embedded in your DNA as well. This implies that we are responsible for our own experience because we are. It is scary and I have learned to run toward things that scare me because that is where we experience the most growth. I am calling this Hollywood bitch right now because it made me think of the concept of celebrity and the way frailty and horror lie just visible under the surface of many things we are sold as standards of beauty. ♥