Awake to the sound of nothing. Fingers fondle missing covers. Eyes open to blackness… well not complete… are those stars?


Vlog4: Living in the present/Self abandonment.

One only hides parts of themselves. There is not separation from innate qualities. I have received some really good feedback on these videos! Thanks for the love and it feels great to know that you enjoy them, that you are extracting inspiration from them. I truly feel I am fulfilling my purpose here through this. ♥

Vlog1: Gender identity and gender dysphoria

Here is a bit of my story and a little catching up on what I have been doing. I share these parts of my life because I want people to benefit from some of what I have seen. Your struggle may not even seem similar to mine but we all work to master our destiny and love ourselves. I’m calling this Vlog1: Gender identity and gender dysphoria for now but it is kinda goofy too. Enjoy! ♥