Karenga Ocean Photo on 2-10-16 at 7.53 PM #3 Photo on 2-10-16 at 7.46 PM #4

Dare to let your colors show. The first time I bought a bra I skulked around in the store with my head down and my chin covered in painful folliculitis. I was determined to overcome my fears, the negative voices that lie in our minds. I succeeded. They say the darkest hour is right before dawn and all of that. As I perused the undergarments I succeeded in separating from them but I had not expected such a literal experience. I could hear the voices and their word so clearly that I couldn’t tell if they were coming from the people around me. I even uncomfortably stared into a few faces to confirm that their mouths where not moving lol! I steeled myself determined to complete my mission of a leisurely shopping trip. As I gathered my self to checkout and leave I heard a girl coming toward me call me crazy but her mouth didn’t move and her voice sounded like mine. In an instant I realized that I recognized all the voices, they where those of real people that I know! As I silently exchanged payment I understood that I had won, how desperate to be heeded these voices had become in those last few minutes, they didn’t want to die. Aspects of the ego can be extremely resistant to death/transformation. I rarely identify with fear but am as human as I am. I sat in my car goods on my lap soaking them in tears that exploded from me as soon as the coast was clear. I released a mixture of ancient hurt gratitude and mostly overwhelming relief. Today I am the light warrior I was born to be and I feel fucking beautiful. LIKE YOU. ♥