Empowered Individual

I am being subjected to electronic harassment. I have no Idea when I started being tracked or the exact mechanics of how or why this is being carried out. This has caused some upheaval in my life. I left Rhode Island on November 1st to come back to South Carolina where the bulk of my family lives and where I am from because at the time I felt I had no other option. I abandoned my life, left my job right after training and lost my home. I began receiving vicious caustic insults around October 25. They where loud and clear and I believed they where coming from right outside my apartment, from the hall and the street below. These quickly escalated to death threats and looking back that is what really caused me to become alarmed enough to leave. The night before I left I went to the door in an attempt to reason with the people who where stalking me but the vitriol just became stronger so I didn’t think it a good Idea to open the door. I did note that the motion activated light in the hall was not on indicating a suspicion that I had before, that maybe these voices where somehow coming from inside. I could not reconcile this with my brain because I have never heard voices. I have had some issues like most do but nothing serious and definitely not schizophrenia. Thinking back I remember seeing what I now believe could have been street theater and some mild gang stalking, what I mean by this is people who seemed to be following me or saying pointed phrases but I have no way of confirming this to actually be the case. Through some research and reading the blogs and websites of other survivors I realize that I was never in any physical danger. These untraceable people are trying to kill me by making me feel horrible about myself. It is obvious now to me that the impulses in my brain are somehow being monitored and they were being used to tailor the terrorism to me this has helped me to decipher what I believe is really happening. I realized that everything they say are lies, lucky for me I was never able to believe that the voices and words where original to me, this is what I believe spawned many of the stories which as I said where specially tailored to freak me out. It is clear to me that the goal is to cause me to act out of character and ultimately hurt myself. I am learning to live with this and am evermore calm in spite of it. The key seems to be ignoring it to the best of my abilities and conducting my life normally. Sometimes are easier than others and the ease is growing. I have come across accounts of this stopping after a period of time or after people taking certain actions such as leaving an area. This has continued after my leaving Rhode Island so I hope mine will stop sooner than later but I am grateful and proud that I am alive and of sound mind. I have my family to thank for this and I am concerned for those who may not have that or as strong of a connection because their lives where threatened, there normal actions twisted to increase my terror. Pride is important in this instance and also a key to survival. Everyone makes mistakes and does things we are not proud of especially in our minds! I have actually found gratitude because one thing I have learned from this experience is that I must love myself mistakes, strange thoughts and all for survival. Made my previous issues with negative self judgment feel silly. Here are some links to information that was useful for me, the first is an organization who’s mission is research on electronic harassment and stopping this for good. http://www.ICAACT.org, http://www.mindjustice.org, http://in2worlds.net/gangstalking-and-targeted-individuals also search “targeted individual” “electronic harassment” “gang stalking”. I intend to keep researching and I will be back to making videos very soon, once I feel more up to it. ♥♥♥

I have learned that what I am being subjected to mostly for the past 2 and a half months is called V2k or voice to skull and although others are experiencing the same targeting is different for every subject. Based on my research and what I have seen to be effective so far I think it best to use this platform to document some of the happenings since I last wrote about my electronic harassment. This is documentation of my evidence so far and I hope this info helps someone else in this struggle. I am not sure at this time if the perpetrators have the capability of speeding up the heart rate without the participation of the subject. In other words I’m not sure if my heart rate can be increased without me being worked into a state. I Live a plant based vegetarian lifestyle and get regular exorcise so I have perfect heart health. I have emails sent between me and someone who might be a perpetrator or was involved in my harassment and text message logs from 10/20 through 11/13 showing a long series of communication. I have joined some Facebook support groups and am hoping to find something more tangible where I can actually have contact with people who are going through this since every attempt is made to damage trust it can be hard to know who deserves any. I am also hoping to connect with some investigators. I have come to find that there seems to be at least thousands of others and although I wouldn’t wish this on anyone I have been comforted by learning the experiences of other people. With V2k there seems to be assigned perpetrators herein referred to as perps. Im subjected to a female and a male voice, apparently this is typical. At one point these perps told me they were psychic but I have noticed through observation that the proof they point to is typically based on patterns of things and people in my life funky parlor tricks such as saying what im going to say right before I say it or even as I am saying it. Logic tells me that this is something easily done by monitoring my neural activity in what ever way they are doing so. I have also observed that at least one way they have been tailoring mental torture to me is by monitoring my reaction to thoughts as they flow. For example if I have a thought that is unpleasant or otherwise sensitive knowing they are being monitored then there would be some sort of physiological reaction such as a heart rate spike or temperature change that would then be exploited and weaponized. I have more recently experienced some strange pains in addition to the seemingly electronic tingles I randomly have. The perps for a while would mention things that I am thinking about doing to create the illusion that I was doing those things because they said to but they seem to have abandoned that once I caught on and remembered that I ultimately have control over my actions. Although this is the case I know now that thoughts can be implanted and triggered so that they imitate impulses. This may be done hypnotically by repetition or maybe by stimulation of brain regions dedicated to certain feelings timed with repetition or during interactions. I am not certain as I am basing this on observation research and and bit of prior knowledge about the central nervous system. I have gathered that I am constantly being experimented with that the perps are trying different tactics, running different scripts to see what is affective. I have found COMPLETE self acceptance and ignoring to the best of my abilities to be most affective. Do not be deceived because this is not always easy and I have flung into mental tirades fighting back with insults logic and nonsense, speaking to them in the way they speak to me. I think of them as telepathic tantrums, counter attacks. I do believe the best trategy is learning to ignore but this throughs them off making them work harder and has given me a sense of control and I figure whatever works. I do however suggest keeping this all silent as the last thing you want to do is damage credibility but either way you have freedom of choice! Engaging in conversation is useless because you will NEVER be told the truth about why you are being targeted. Assume this is happening to you for no reason and leave it at that you are innocent or you would be dealing with the police and not electronic bullies, speculation gives them material for there scripts. You have to develop a thick skin, do not defend your thoughts and have no care for how they try to shame you THEY are the evil criminal perverts here NOT US. All info will be lies or maybe even useless riddles it seems best to carry on normally to the best of my abilities. There may be threats to your  life and one or two people may or may not want you to die but no one wants the messy job of killing you. The power of this strategy is in implanting false beliefs encouraging paranoia. Believe nothing they say, you are better off observing objective reality to the best of your abilities remember everyone was not out to get you before and it is impossible that they are now. ♥♥♥


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  1. Peter D Rosenholm

    Hi I’m Peter Rosenholm from Rhode Island and also a TI, 45 to 27 years now. You can contact me at 401-466-4921

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