Wow that’s a big ass burger!

I just had a real life fit tonight. I mean I got so triggered while watching youtube videos. At the end of my musical selection a commercial came on about the McDonald’s big mack and all its variations. My eyes scanned the screen while I was lazily listening to the narrator gush about this classic American meat tower but they stopped at the last sandwich on the screen in shock. I counted not the normal 2 not 3 but 4 beef patties on the sandwich. I was floored! I tried to get my mind under control as I thought about all the implications of a burger with 4 patties on it being served to people who know nothing about nutrition. All the people struggling to control there weight and can’t figure out why because they know nothing about how dense and therefore tougher meat is to digest… 4 patties! All the people suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure because they don’t think of the amount of animal fats in food before they eat it. I thought of all those dead cows and all the waste. I have seen people feeling bad that they can’t beat their health problems because we can’t get around being comforted by food. None of us can control how we are trained to nourish ourselves in childhood. None of us can control the psychological programming that comes with getting snacks and unhealthy food for being “good” , or the association this sets in our minds of bad food with good feelings. I cried. I’m upset because I feel it is wrong and dangerous to play on this irresponsibly! I understand about the wheels of business and that marketing must exploit our desires or our insecurities to some extent. It just seems reckless excessive and like a big fuck everybody’s health to me and that makes me sad and a little mad. we can’t stop people from eating what they want or hold any restaurant responsible for what their patrons eat but wow they also don’t need to serve people 4 meat patties on one sandwich on a refined grain bun and loads of sauce. It is wholly unnecessary and unhealthy so why give people the that overblown option? I’m know they are making plenty money on the regular super calorie dense Big Mac.