Card of the day.

5/31/20 Today we are keeping our emotions squarely under ourselves. Keeping a lid on the way we really feel perhaps because we feel it safer to do so or we don’t want to hurt others. We may be doing this by way of putting on a brave face or by wearing sort of a mask, showing others one set of emotions while hiding another. Subconsciously we are feeling respiteful our thoughts are those that give us peace however we are creating that feeling. We may be drawing on the past, being in this peaceful state because we are informed to capture this feeling by past experiences. We may also be in this state because we are aware of information currently that gives us great peace. This should be a faboulous day for meditation or other spiritual practice if that is what one likes to do. It may also be a great day for projects not in the sense that we will likely be anymore creative but that we will be feeling more reserved and have more space for such things. We may be doing some work getting to the bottom of our feelings and learning about there drivers as well. We will likely not be as able to be nuturing and protective as usual because we need to deal with ourselves most. This could also manifest as us not being sure how to channel these feelings or where to direct our desire to be there for others in these ways… Here is mine… I love you all, these are crazy and hard times with all that is going on and I know we are all grieving but we will get through this. We simply have to stand together devide and conquer strategy is not working this time because we are and I am so proud of us.❤


Card of the day

Today we might become aware of an opportunity, some kind of new beginning. This could come in the form of a job offer an interview or just finding one that we want. This could actually be a new beginning of any earthy kind. In our subconscious mind we are managing that feeling of lack consciousness that many of us are familiar with. This idea of lack lingers there in our subconscious because somewhere in our past we got the idea that we won’t have enough. This kind of feeling can cause us something like spiritual fatigue, feeling sort of battered by life. Although we know in our higher mind that we can always flow into peace and find our sustenance right under our nose. We may be questioning our spiritual control or the power of our will. Maybe wondering if we have that fire we need to push our aims forward. Remember the peace that comes from accomplishing your goals and this will propel you forward.❤

Card of the day.

Today we are sitting in our abundance. Even if we are dealing with some disappointed emotions we are moving forward with our aims and seeing the earthly fulfillment we have been working or planning for. We have experienced some dissatisfaction in the arena of our finances and our emotions recently. Our will has been thwarted by circumstances for a while but we now feel those psychological blocks lifting and we are more action oriented because of it. Today could strongly feature an authority figure, someone who provides for us such as our husbands fathers or employers.❤