Card of the day.

I think of today like divinity flowing through femininity. The influence of our mothers and mother figures may be felt very strongly today. We ourselves could be feeling very creative and loving or experiencing this through others. We might be recieving from these figures in our lives or just recieving this kind of energy from the universe around us. Although we may be feeling somewhat energetically depleted or insecure about our level of vitality the energy around us is bountifully creative, even fertile. We are moving away from some markedly challenging emotions sort of giving up on some tough emotions that have made us feel brow-beaten and this may be why we feel a bit tired and depleted. The challenge of moving through such emptions may also leave our minds tired and this may be where we are experiencing this depletion of energy. Today will be a great day to move forward on our projects and to begin new ones. Channel this beautiful feminine energy for your benefit whatever that looks like for you.❤

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