Card of the day.

Today may be a bit challenging. We may be feeling overwhelmed or saddled with lots of extra burden and responsibility. We might be plagued by this sense deep down that we are not accomplishing our worldly aims. That our gardens are barren but keep in mind it is only late spring and not yet the time of harvest. In our conscious mind we know that we have boundless creative potential. We may be seeing reminders of this in our external environment reflected at us through symbolism other people or situations that prove it. Simply put we know that a source like or source given force of endless energy flows through us. The way we understand this will be based on our own beliefs about the all that is. Just because some accoplishments feel held back now does not mean they won’t just materialize later and they likely will because we contain all potentials. Use your knowledge of your limitless nature to combat the blues and overwhelm. That knowledge offers us a balancing force in challenging times like these… Use it.❤❤❤

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