Card of the day.

We are sensing our ultimate wish fulfillment right under our noses sort of around the next corner. We may even be able to see it feel it like it is there but just not accessible for some reason. Maybe it is held back or delayed but we have many even endless ideas about how we can go about achieving this fulfillment. In our subconscious we are free spirits with a never ending stream of spiritual or life force energy at our disposal our minds are fertile with and germinating many possibilities. We are consciously doing the work to leave behind psychological barriars and move on without them. We have realized that it is only ourselves that can hold us back regardless of how things may seem. There is the chance that we may be re-examining some deep seated and more deeply worn in blocks that we have put on outselves either because it once served us to control our minds in this way or because of some influence. It is best to really allow ourselves to see where we are blocked and face it so we can move these out of the way and attain that emotional fulfillment that we all seek.❤ #wish #nineofcups #pageofwands #eightofswo

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