Card of the day.

6/6/20 We are still working on moving out from behind those psychological barriers that we have been wrestling with. There really are no assurances with these because when we move out from behind them for a bit things happen in our experience that throw them back on us then we move out from under them again. This is the progression with things like this I think of the old addage two steps forward and another step back. Subconsciously we are flipping over a conflict that has been waging inside of us for some time now. While we want freedom and to move forward to our goals there is a part of ourselves still holding us back. Like our psychological blocks personified so that we can face them in conflict. We’ve been arguing with our own issues trying to fight them into submission. This may be an ongoing cycle of struggle and progress for a while but I’m sure we will come out from under those mental barriers soon enough and be able to move forward with out hinderance. ❤ #7ofswords #flowers #amethyst #crystal #tigerseye #selenite #thechariot

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