Card of the day.

6/7/20 Today we are focused on learning, growing our knowledge. We may be doing this to further our aims or increase our skills. We will likely be learning something about ourselves no matter what the subject matter outwardly. We might be feeling a bit disconnected from devine energy disconnected from devine love in a sense. Like we are on our own for a little while and devinity has left the building. This is a test. It is only to see what we have learned about ourselves our own nature and how to manage life’s obsticals and pifalls on autopilot. We are in a place now where we need to hold devine love inside ourselves, pull that universal flow of love up from our root and feed it to our own heart our own desires. We are mothering nurturing protecting ourselves and refusing to repress our own desires now or even oppose them in favor of someone else’s. On the conscious level we have accessed our fire and are not willing to back down in ways that leave us overly vulnerable to the whims of others. There is space for vulnerability, it is important for building strong relationships but for sanity’s sake lets be strong in our vulnerability. We must temper this with a strong self preservation instinct as well.❤

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