Card of the day

6/8/20 Thank all that is good and sweet we are feeling the love today. Good vibrations abound in our life as we might be spending time with those that inspire some of the best feelings in us. We may be spending time with our family or in contact with those who feel like family. Our hearts are full of peace and those feelings that bring us back into that childhood comfort we crave. We will be feeling nourished and grounded by our relationships regardless of where we are. On a lower level we may be feeling that nagging fear that some life altering moment might change things for us in a way that we won’t like. We may also be aware of a life changing moment or piece of information that has not manifested in real life yet and may even be avoiding this moment because we believe it will be unpleasant. Regardless we are experiencing personal transformation that will effect the way we move through our world. We have a clarity of mind right now that supports the stability and reality of these joyous connections. Our thoughts are injected with inspirations and we know truth almost without effort or having to overthink. Enjoy this, the ways in which we are transforming will offer us more strength in our connections.❤

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