Card of the day.

6/9/20 Today we are still in this beautiful feeling of peace that comes from harmonious relationships and positive feelings. These feelings that harken back to positive delicious childhood emotions. Our cups are full of wonderous nurturing energy of which we were nourished as children. These feelings of nurturing and blessed support root us in life and keep us happy and out of harms way. We may have recently done away with an unhealthy situation literally moved out of danger and even averted disaster. This may manifest in a circumstance in which we give up an addiction to a pattern of behaviour or thought that holds us back. A very unhealthy distraction designed to pull us off course is being cast out of our experience and this could simply be the tendency to be addicted to the approval of others. We may be feeling somewhat destitute like we have nothing left to give or there is nothing left for us. We are struggling with lack consciousness but there is a part of us that knowns there is a path forward, that there is support and assistance there for us if and when we choose to use it. This culminates in a feeling of providence that creates the warm peaceful feel of the day. Our best bet is to remain focused on where we are being fulfilled, on those healthy stable relationships including the one with ourself.❤

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