Card of the day.

6/10/20 Our accomplishment or the culmination of something that we have been waiting for is delayed. In the deepest part of our psyche we are feeling a high level of emotional fulfillment all things considered. This is likely because we know that we are so close to that completion we are working toward. We may be feeling some fear or feeling as if our abundance is stiffled as well. Be careful not to come off snide and smug if this is not the case and we are in some ways better off than others. It is important to keep in mind that other people’s feelings matter as much as our own for unity’s sake. From my perspective most of us have been working together to create a more peaceful future. A future with way less human drama and racist systemic oppression. Don’t let that old divide and conquer strategy recede our efforts. Soon enough we will fulfill more of our dreams and get closer to the world we want to live in.❤ #theworld #peace #instapeace #goodvibes #wish #nineofcups #tenofpentacles #crystal #quartz #fulfillment #earthlegion

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