Card of the day.

6/11/20 Today we sit in our power. We have the knowledge that we have everything we need to create whatever our heart desires whether it be circumstance or object. We are like the magician, true alchemists able to combine the elemental forces and materialize when we so choose. Our subconscious mind is ablaze with the thrill of accomplishment. We have successfully risen above our stuggles and made an accomplishement that has given us the key to our success in our life or some specific circumstances. This accomplishment may even bring us some degree of noteriety but definitely recognition and validation of our new status. These changes is our status have created inevitable change in our life circumstances regardless of whether we see this change happen or not. Call this a revelation one that shows us we always were able to move toward the things that make us glow and sparkle✨ Sit in this knowledge from a place of strength then follow your heart. It wont steer you wrong now.❤ #themagician #butterfly #epiphany #thetower #flower #aventurine #amethyst #quartz #goodvibes


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