Card of the day.

Today we may become aware of some place inside or an outward situation in which we feel blocked. The good news is that the work is only realizing that these are self imposed limits. We can move beyond them at any time by simply acknowledging them and recognizing where they come from. Once we know what is causing them just reminding ourselves they are not real barriars will be easy. In our subconscious mind we have deeply held intentions dreams and goals that we feel delayed in achieving. This may be what is causing the psychological block or the other way around. Any sense of failure tends to make us question our ability to repeat attempts with success. Remember that sometimes we have to try many times to be successful at something and this may be that time. Especially since we are realizing what was holding us back now. Working through these issues is leaving us feeling fresh and full of energy to move forward and plot our future and this is what I mean. Consciously we know that we have the power to create the life we want this is likey what is causing us to examine what has been blocking us. Onward and upward!💜