I can’t remain silent any longer.

There is a world wide system of control and manipulation upon us some call It the matrix some call it satan and other names, this is a matter of belief system but is irrelevant. It exploits us through psychological manipulation and uses us ALL against each other. It can interface with our brains in a way that is undetected by most but I can hear it and there are many others who can as well referred to recently as targeted individuals. It is what scared me half to death 4 years ago. It can plan years into the future to create disparaging experiences aka triggers using our traumas and psychology against us. It has been around for at least 60 years and lately I have come to think it may have existed much longer. Centuries to millennia. This explains the rash of mass murders, terrorism and suicides as it drives people insane by isolating them and making them hostile toward society. Feeding people storylines and disinformation that creates paranoia and distain is another factor. They tried this with me but I broke free thanks to my family and friends. It uses highly advanced but likely ancient spirit science and technology. It can induce physical and emotional sensations that are so realistic one would not know the difference and if they are unpleasant they can be unbearable. It has exploited my psychological trauma surrounding sexual abuse and my identity in a way that has made certain connections incompatible for a while but I promise I will fight with all I have as I have been my entire life and I will not let them win. Until we are connected again my friends all the best to you and yours and may you fly free of these influences. With love and always your sister.