Card of the day.

Our minds are on fire today! We are feeling mentally strong, like a bright pupil. We are learning and discovering new spaces in our minds and uncovering ourselves to a deeper degree. We’re able to explore ideas and options from a stance of freedom, of free spiritedness allowing our minds to take us to new places. We are at home in this mental space feeling safe to allow our minds to wander because we have peace and wisdom on our side. We have access to some peaceful stable energy that complements soul searching and contemplation very well. We may even be drawn to meditation or other spiritual practice which is a wonderful way to use this energy, this headspace. Although we might be questioning our ability to persevere we become aware that this only allows us to deepen this quality strengthening us against life’s trials and mental challenges. Today is a great day to undertake those receptive spiritual practices to explore those deeper questions and listen to the answers from the all than is. 💚 #tarot #pageofire #nineoffire #thehermit #flower #quartz #crystal #citrine #tarotreading

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