Card of the day.

Today is a powerful one for sure! We are are experiencing joy in a real way. Seeing our blessings more clearly and realizing where we have won and made big gains. We are riding high emotionally because we are crossing over in to some very positive change. We are releasing some blockages or some negative thought patterns because we have come to some revelations, some realizations about ourselves our thought patterns our life. This might blow the lid off something changing the way that see our life forever. Whatever it is imbues us with a power we may never have felt at least not for a while. This process, this event gives us the strength to persevere through any obstacles because we see now that we have done just that and won blessings and abundant, expansive feelings. Enjoy today these feelings will be quite nice. 💛 #nineoffire #thetower #tenofwater #flower #aventurine #quartz #crystal #tarotspread #tarotreading #jupiter #pluto #rosequartz


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