Card of the day 🌖

Today intuition and psychic energy will feature strongly. We may be receiving downloads or having impressions. We are feeling a bit stifled like our freedom in some part of life is threatened or we are unsure of some enlightening information we have recently become aware of. Perhaps we are making or awaiting some sort of judgment call and we may be thinking it will be cast against ourselves. But on another note we are seeing our abundance, that we are vital and loved. We may be providing nurturance and caring to others and ourselves. Loving those around ourselves like their mother might with sweet gentleness. Feminines may feel beautiful and vibrant while masculines may be focused on someone possessing these qualities and you may even speak to your mother. Use a combination of intuition and those loving vibes to quell any fear around whether things will work out in your favor.❤️ #tarot #theempress #flowers #intuition #thehighpreistess #quartz #rosequartz #selenite #venus #neptune