About Me


I’m a therapist, creator, healer, nurturer and nonconformist by nature. I have been performing massage in some capacity for much of my life, its a practice I felt innately drawn to. I was working on my best cousin by 14 and I can remember being as young as 5 walking on my uncle, knowing this would relieve his muscle tension. For me intuition is everything, it is what makes me tick. It’s extremely fulfilling to be able to direct this energy toward my passion for making everything a little more healthy, balanced and beautiful. My nurturing sensitive and creative nature make me perfectly suited for what I do. I am so excited about the ways that I have been able to draw from my creativity and I look forward to discovering new ways of turning my work into art. The sciences and astrology have existential meaning for me. My study in biology, nutrition, psychology and astrology have made me a more centered and generally better version of myself. I know now that it is my purpose to help people achieve their most balanced body and mind. I have no doubt that we can achieve our best life and miraculous healing when the body mind and spirit are in balance.

You see I was made to believe I was sick by a sick system. It took courage and spiritual awakening for me to take control of my own health and uncover the reality of what was happening. I feel amazing and I believe I have a duty to share information and knowledge to make people’s lives better safer and easier. For me this is not a choice, the information must be available!  I’m sharing on the web and raging on the street because I know these things can raise awareness. There are few issues, even those that feel gigantic like disease and mental imbalance that we can’t overcome as long as we know what we are dealing with! I know my energy belongs to this planet and her people. I demand truth and happiness from my experience of this world and I am here to offer the same to all whom I encounter.

I think I have drawn a pretty solid picture of what i’m all about despite my angst :-). I hope I didn’t bore you too much. Thank you for caring enough to read “about me” and welcome.

Karenga Ocean


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