Mermaid Mobile Massage

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Everyone deserves wellbeing not just those who have the time and resources to visit a spa or health club. Wellness is not a luxury it is a necessity! Bodywork can feel luxurious but the amazing benefits should not be reserved for the wealthy. The rest of us are probably more likely to be stressed strained and tense anyway. This is why I am committed to making total wellness accessible to all. This includes keeping my compensation reasonable and quoting based on distance and personal expense


A body in balance is a body in good health. I do what I do because I know bodywork is an easy enjoyable way to help your body achieve that balance while relieving tension and alleviating the effects of stress. The body is an amazing machine with unlimited power to heal itself. My three point approach is set up to balance spirit mind and body to unlock your vessel’s ability to create its own healing.


60 minutes  $100

90 minutes  $150

Each session is uniquely built around you. I am trained in many bodywork styles and can incorporate any into a full body session as needed.  I integrate my thorough understanding of body mechanics gleaned from study of kinesiology and yoga into my work. Intuition guides me and I combine this with an ever widening knowledge base to create a bodywork regimen that works. To heal, ease pain and tension, or just to induce relaxation. These are a few modalities I’m proficient in that come to mind but this is definitely not a complete list so feel free to shoot me any questions you might have.


Deep tissue

Trigger point therapy

Aroma therapy

Foot reflexology

Thai style massage/stretching



Free Services! If you are interested in any of the services below please let me know and I will throw them in. These are areas of study for me so it is a win/win. I get the practice and you get free things!


I can help you get the most healing and energy from your food with nutritional guidance. You can feel better have more energy and loose weight. Your diet should be structured around what you hope to achieve.


I can interpret your chart to identify themes so that you can make the most of your journey. Using your chart and my knowledge of humanity I can identify areas of opportunity as well as aspects that may be challenging. Your chart interpretation will introduce you to yourself in an objective light, giving you an in-depth understanding of the psychological patterns that make you who you are.

Please reach out with any questions.


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