The garden

I crossed the state line and into chill mode. I sat and watched the world with my grandma as she talked about the people in town, all of whom she knows. I laughed till I ached acted goofy with cousins aunts and uncles. I confided in and cared for my sister who was feeling a bit under the weather when I arrived. She recovered quickly and I had my partner in crime back. I spent much time at the lake as I always do when I’m in Bennettsville, working on my body meditating taking in color and inspiration. This was life until I set out for New England again.






Now I will tell you.

I left providence in the early afternoon on 9/18. The ride was a cruise to Connecticut where I decided to take a route around New York city. Everyone crosses the Hudson river over the George Washington bridge. I went over the Tappan Zee instead i’m now sure this maneuver added around 2 hours to my trip time. In hindsight I say yikes, but it was nothing. I felt such a sense of weightless elation at the sight of the river.IMG_2205

NY opened to me and this song was the backdrop for this leg of the adventure.