Army of love

Being two spirits is a a part of my challenge, an entergral detail in my mission here in this life. I have known my whole life that I was different, in part because it’s just something I sensed but also because those outside of me never let me forget. As I have come to understand my own identity better and come to terms with what I am I have noticed something. The theme of nonconformism is a strong one in my cycles and life patterns if that makes sense. I’ll bring it home a little in case it doesn’t. Even looking at my astrological chart this is indicated by uranus sitting right in my first house of self. I think of the first as the house of ego. This house represents one’s outward appearance in terms of personality, and even one’s body. While uranus is the planet of revolution, unconventionality, invention, and even sudden changes, think electricity. Not only do I have this placement in my chart but the planet is conjunct my mars (motivation, drive) this amplifies the energy and connects it to my nature again. Not that I need my chart to show me what my body my personality and life experience has shown me to be true. It’s confirmation in black & white so to speak and being able to pinpoint the nature of these energies verbally does help me understand it all better. It’s helpful knowing that this energy is such a big part of who I am because I can take preemptive measures against issues like the tendency this placement gives me to initiate change just for change’s sake. At least when I feel the urge coming I know I’m not flipping out, this helps me simmer so I can take a step back and plan for success. Everything in my chart taken into account, I see there are lessons for me and therefore lessons for others. Love is a funny thing in the sense that we are all susceptible to the feelings but none of us really understand it completely. This is where I come in apparently, the purpose of my complicated and honestly understandingly confusing humanity. I see the clues everywhere from my experiences to my chart, I’m a love revolutionary by birthright. Lets take this apart a little more, uranus is also the planet of humanitarianism and friendship sort of another facet to the revolutionary energy. Keep in mind that this energy is amplified and tied to my will. I have no choice in the matter, not that I would have it any other way but I’m bound. Venus the planet of love and pleasure makes three trines or angles of ease, luck, and talent including one with uranus. Love is an art for me, something I realize I have been trying to truely understand the nature of my whole life. I have always been dripping with love in a sense, my mom tells stories about how surprisingly nurturing I was as a little kid and I’m this way to today. The strength of venus in my chart and the electrically alluring energy of uranus attract people in spite of my nonconventional… everything. Being able to understand my chart has helped me to understand something that deep in some part of me I have always known. It’s my charge to show people that love is spiritual, irrelevant of gender, sexuality, race, religion or lack thereof, these things are constructs designed to divide. That the very nature of true love is unconditional, that it doesn’t adhere to societal boundaries as our thinking often does. There is a difference between feeling or sensing and thinking, I believe they are done through the spirit and the mechanical brain respectively and I am designed to be a symbol of love’s true nature. You see love is the essence of revolution. This energy has the power to collapse all constructs including this mind control matrix that we live in. We are not being mentally hijacked by brute force, we are being divorced from our spirits by our own devices however implanted they may be. The revolution will not be televised in this instance because it is not physical, we are not in a struggle to free shackles we are fighting for our minds.



I have to say I’m stoked that mercury is going to stop in it’s tracks tomorrow to turn direct. This retrograde period has been taken it’s toll on me. I have been feeling this one in a way I never noticed feeling the others. Besides being a time to avoid buying electronics and cars, or prepare for horrible communications. The retrograde period is also a time to reverse mentally. Mercury is the planet of the thought process indeed. Since retrograde just means apparent backward motion think of ones thought process doing just that. This is what I have noticed recently in my own experience. I have come up against some very old demons this week but the beauty of something like this is that it offers a chance to heal. Heal hurts that can easily be pushed into the depths of one’s consciousness by everyday life. Last night I came face to face with the ghosts of some people I never wanted to meet again. But because of this I was able to feel some rage that I didn’t have the self worth to feel before. Now I feel better able to process the emotions and LET IT GO. The past truly is powerful when we use it for its higher purpose as a tool for learning. It’s been brutal gut wrenching and infuriating but honestly I appreciate the opportunity for healing. I know I am a better being today because of what happened in my mind last night. Of course I have also been experiencing the communication snags, and foggy thinking as well. Grateful and excited for forward motion.

Moon bounce


Today may be a bit bumpy emotionally as the moon is involved in several uncomfortable or unfavorable aspects with other planets. So be careful not to let it get you too down. The first thing to remember is that you are a concentration of universal consciousness. We are all a part of this infinite whole and therefore subject to its shifts undulations. Noone of us is ever alone in the ebbs and flows that we feel. We can get so wrapped in ego based concern for maintaining a certain image when if we could only feel free to reach out we would have confirmation from those around us that these are universal emotions.

We have to use our capacity for memory constructively in the way it is there to be used. To remember the lessons that we have learned and the accomplishments we have made as individuals. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally you are not the same as you were last year or the year before. The events of your life have given you opportunities for growth. Some you have taken advantage of and some you will see again cloaked in a new time slot. Your life is not pass or fail unless you make it that way, use the experience so when the cycle repeats you are ready to move forward. Sometimes one has to stop and use the progress of the past as an island to escape drowning in the emotional tides of the moment, then they recede.

Our memory is so often hijacked by this mind control matrix we live in. In which we are taught to look to outward symbols to mark our progress. Were taught to want all these stupid fleeting tangible possessions and that those who haven’t acquired them are some how less than fit for this life. Were tricked and deluded into using our memories to undo ourselves, to use our past failures as excuses to not try, to beat ourselves up with them so we feel like shit. When we focus on feeling like shit we attract more things that make us feel that way. Memory is a tool for our learning don’t allow it to be turned into a weapon for your oppression or destruction.