My yoga mat is home for me, it nurtures and facilitates my spiritual growth. It’s seen me through so much upheaval and I’ve had 3 very intense spiritual experiences on it. The energy produced by an event like that changes molecular structure because basically its all light. This mat is not the mat it was when I bought it. I am not the person I was when I did either, both are literally different substances. With that said the mat has become a conduit for universal energy. An amplifier to the frequency of my own life force, modifying my cells’ ability to interact with energy at different frequencies. My perception is different therefore my reality is different because from my matter’s perspective the frequency of all the energies in my environment are different. I know how convoluted this sounds, but as I write this I visualize the thought process as an infinity sign (image above). No edges no end no beginning, ever flowing or like looking in two facing mirrors, everything just a smaller version of everything else contained within itself. We are cells to the planet, photons (particles of light energy) to the universe. 

What has happened is that the experiences I have had with the mat, or the interactions we have had has altered our molecular structure so that we activate each other like enzyme and substrate. When combined we become super conductive and this is the bases for it all. It has nothing to do with any of the philosophies of india or any others. It’s self observation and the practice of reuniting my consciousness droplet with the universal consciousness ocean. Focusing on my body and breath help me to transcend the usual spiritual containers not some philosophy. This has always been the case when I think about it, this innate tendency to stretch and strengthen my body was there before I knew much about yoga. I suspect there are practices that work a lot better for other people looking to achieve what I am. It’s an individual journey and one has to find what works for them. In the deepest part of us we crave reunion with the wholeness of the universal consciousness. When we find the catalysts for reunion it will take on the feel of home for the spirit as is the doorway to our beginnings. The best part is that I can roll my doorway to eternity up and take it where ever I go, I’m always at home.

Love and light.