Who needs money?

Only what I need

I strive to be this way, able to live in this environment with positive impact. Thriving on what nature offers while contributing to the collective. Massage is a profession the art of healing is what my spirit does. I have been looking for a way to reconcile having my needs met with the desire to offer healing and wellness to everyone, not just those who have money for those who don’t typically need it most.

Sometimes all one has to do is rethink the dilemma. I heard it said in a permaculture lecture that the problem is the solution. The words rang in my head and the answer came to me like a train. I have no money, so the answer is to have no money. I realized I would rather barter anyway so I am removing pricing from my site. I can’t eat money, I need food, shelter, recreation transportation and bodywork for my own pain. These are the things I would pay for with your money anyway so why not cut out the middle man. If we are going to free ourselves from the wage slavery we’re facing, I believe we have to be each other’s way out. This is my declaration of independence, lets barter!