Excuse my beauty

Ok so sex sells. Yes I know this, we all know this, but WTF is up with our generation (20 and 30 somethings)? We have taken this to the next level, wherein sex sells EVERYTHING including Ideas. I blasted about this website over and over on my Facebook the day it launched. I got crickets. The main way that I did this was by posting photos of some of marketing, my logo complete with the web address and the whole shebang so to speak. I got nothing really, maybe one like and I guess I sensed a few “good for yous” from the other side of cyberspace but it was bleak to say the least. Of course like everyone else I have many people I barely know as Facebook friends. But I also have some really good real friends on Facebook. I mean people I have known all or most of my life plus the people I have known for years from school and things like that so I was definitely shocked.

I gave it 24 hours and the response was still looking minimal so I thought well what the hell could I be doing wrong? Then I thought about this… Anytime that I have posted a photo I have gotten a much better response especially if it was one that I had put some effort into. My analytical psychology obsessed brain did a little dance and I thought ok social experiment time. I pulled out my camera phone set my coils free and began snapping. The photo I ended up with was honestly good stuff, if I must say so (insert cheeky smirk). I posted the photo and the response was a completely different story! several comments and likes in the teens which is damn good for me. On the one hand this felt good but I also couldn’t help thinking what the hell?! Here I am trying to share my life and my passions with these people and they don’t give a rats ass, but I show em my modeling chops and looky looky. It was definitely a smh moment.

Oh don’t think I’m preaching because I am susceptible to the same visual stimulation as everyone else, I would just like to think that it doesn’t affect my judgment when it comes to receiving information. Really its not our fault, we have been trained to take our goodies from beautiful people by our society. Television is definitely the main culprit with it’s carefully designed brain numbing programming sandwiched between commercial breaks brimming with subliminal messaging. And then for reinforcement we have the slightly less invasive print versions of the same psychological attacks. This set up serves its purpose perfectly. It keeps us all feeling shitty about the way we look, while teaching us that we should worship hotness. All to keep us buying garbage we don’t need, our self loathing and insecurity are just nasty little useful side affects.

Under this kind of mind control how can our attention be grabbed by much other than a nice photo? Even if it is our friend it’s like “I don’t want to hear it, show me a nice picture dammit.” Honestly, I know the very subtle subconscious feeling well. I disconnected from that horror box we call TV about 5 years ago and I still notice ways it has affected my thinking. Since I have though my confidence, mental security, and connection to my intuition have grown by leaps and bounds. I had no “modeling chops” before I disconnected and realized that I was not strange looking… in a bad way anyway. That my ethnic features where to be celebrated and not minimized, because those who saw the appeal in them when I didn’t where free to manipulate and control my sexuality along with the way I felt about them. Disconnect recenter and excuse my beauty, yours and everyone else’s to gain from each other’s experiences. You will be pleasantly surprised and entertained in a much more fulfilling way.