Growth game tight.

IMG_20150618_111647_281Things are growing along nicely. Regardless of weather you believe it or not. Sometimes it is so fucking hard to grasp that reality, but it is that. We are safer and more comfortable than we have ever been. Yes mass murderers attack randomly and quite sporadically. Then the media sensation machine tries to make us feel as if we have to take some action now to avoid being gunned down while grocery shopping. “Now while your nice and scared lets talk about gun control and trade agreements or whatever.” says the government corporation.

Seek the lesson in every single crazy situation in life. They grow us into better versions of ourselves. The backlash from certain events can feel so harsh. If we settle into the lesson we also settle into the tender nurturing developmental element of these events. The best part is that when we cycle back to similar circumstances we are stars shining the light of our lesson learned. We help each other down our path this way.

Lettuce, kale and tomatoes. This year I randomly spread the seeds instead of separating plants into sections. This should be fun! I’m enjoying seeing things pop up wherever they decide to. These tender little cuties are glowing a season of experience right back at me. I LOVE IT. I’m growing food and romance. What you growing?

Food love

I woke this morning to a message from an old friend, looking for a little help and motivation toward veganism. I thought this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a post so here Is the advice I gave to her and an expansion on my experiences. Let me start by blowing your mind a little… vegan is only the shortest most efficient title for the way that I choose to consume food. If I’m going to the grocery store my haul will typically consist of various fruit, vegetables, a grain or bread sometimes, maybe beans, or sauce. This is how I maintain a very vegan diet. But I’m also something of a freegan and if somehow I’m receiving it for free that overrides strict veganism. I have no desire to ever bite into flesh again but I usually won’t turn down a piece of cake, I would never have a glass of milk but I might have a regular cookie if you’ve got them. I make killer vegan cookies by the way and this is what I’m getting at. I love cookies so I went out of my way to learn to make a just as delicious better for me version of them. We all have our things and mine happens to be the sugary ones, but I digress. I was extremely curious like many kids so slabs of meat were identified as dead animals early, its no doubt also a factor that I come from a place where I saw cows and chickens. It always felt cannibal to me because I do not recognize that big of a distinction between me and the animal. I continued to eat outside my ethics out of habit and familiarity until I was buying all my own food. I came to eat this way over time as is the way with anything in life. Not that I advocate this way over just picking a date and stopping everything because that works for some people. But for those whom it doesn’t it just makes you feel like a total failure when you make a slip up, sometimes not even your fault (examine canned soups and beans). My motives are of the do least harm flavor. I avoid participation in cruelty or murder and I simply do not consume flesh. The bottom line is do things at your own pace if you expect any change to take in your life. You are not a bird, you where coddled and gradually taught how to walk not pushed to the ground from the front porch. There is no reason that you or anyone else should treat you this way under any circumstances. Don’t freak out and wander off into paranoid delusions of having to choke down not seasoned uncooked veggies. Most sauces and seasonings are free of animal products and they taste just as yummy on vegetables. Many of the things people eat involving meat are covered in sauce or seasoning anyway thats really what you love tasting, so you can have those same things with veggies. If you are a stickler for the meaty texture of your food there are so many meat fill-ins such as seitan and tofu. Even if its flavor, a little knowledge of the human taste sensory pathway will help you feel like your missing nothing. The chemical glutamate is what produces the sensation of the meaty or umami flavor and the same chemical is present in many other things such as soy sauce. Cooked mushrooms with soy sauce produce a great meaty flavor that even the most staunch meat eater will appreciate. Try cooked mushrooms seasoned with soy sauce burger style and prepare to have your socks rocked. Finally there are no rules and our unhealthy obsession with the illusion of them has created this rigid all or nothing thinking that breeds a defeatist attitude for sure. Just go for it, whatever that change is that you want to make. Get over the fact that you will not start out perfect no matter how much you research. I believe the consequences of things we do in life will always be correlated to how we feel about them so it is vital that we appreciate ourselves for all progress and eagerly move toward more. Love and nurture yourself and everything will be better for you. The best thing to do with things like this is to just get started, a step in the right direction is a step in the right direction no matter how wobbly it is.

Please reach out to me with questions, advice, or just to say hey. Inspiration is what this is all about and I appreciate yours.


Dream germinate pt. 2

I have been M.I.A. for a while and I have to say I have missed sitting down and sharing whats going on in my head. This is all very therapeutic for me in fact. There is something in sharing my thoughts that releases the energy to be used for other things, but alas some things are all consuming for me such as hammering out my personal projects. There has been so much happening both in my mind and physically, nothing too dramatic just… consuming. Well at any rate lets catch up, here is a little of what I have been up to…

IMG_1737I had been waiting for the last frost date much of the winter. I was stoked to finally be able to get some things in the ground and although I underestimated the amount of work required It feels good to be tired at the end of the day from doing only what I want to do. I’m excited about this bed for sure. Spinach & Collards


IMG_1732Earthworms are always a great sign of good things going on in your soil and this guy was FAT. This worm stretched almost across the other side of my hand as well. lettuces will be sharing a home with this worm in a couple months.



IMG_1725This was the best part for me! It was truly a gift for me to be able to share my limited knowledge about something I feel such fire for with children. Jada and Akima expressed interest in learning a bit about gardening so we made a date. Its been said that the best way to learn is by teaching. 🙂 It’s definitely the most fulfilling and I think we all felt smarter.

♥ ♥


Why ginger rocks


There is so much talk about ginger from those who are into health and wellness. If you have ever wondered what’s so great about ginger? here is my attempt at an overview of what makes this little alien looking root perfection. I come from a place where ginger grows naturally, really many things do in the super fertile lushly green area of South Carolina that I come from. In fact this area is the home of Blenhiem ginger ale. Not that this makes me an aficionado on ginger but it’s a fun fact and I guess it suggests that the love runs deep. At any rate I do love Zingiber officinale and it’s an amazing organism.

My favorite thing about ginger is it’s anti-inflammatory property. What many people don’t realize is that mucous is an inflammatory reaction of the body. Mucous is protective and is produced as a reaction to some sort of irritation. Much like puss, which is just another name for mucous forms at the sight of skin injuries. The internal organs and membranes produce the slimy liquid in an attempt to purge foreign substances and microorganisms. The truth is we live in a toxic environment. Processed sugar, chemical preservatives, and hormones in our food. Fluoride and other foreign materials in our drinking water, it’s pretty intense. Ginger’s super power of counter acting the effects of all this contamination alone makes it worth all the praise it receives.

But I’m still talking here, Ginger also has an uplifting effect on the nervous system. I find that ginger gives me a nice little mood boost and this is why it makes its way into most of my smoothies, tea and other drinks I tend to have midday. The scent is strong but pleasantly warm like its flavor so it fits well into a variety of food dishes and beverages. In summer blend a small piece with some water add ice and the juice of a whole lemon. This super easy to make bevy is refreshing and uplifting as well as detoxifying. Ginger also has a centering effect that I enjoy. I love something like this with a yoga session. I’m not sure if this is everyone’s experience or my personal experience of the mood boost.

The main draw for most is the calming effect of ginger on the digestive system. Ginger regulates acid secretion in the gut protecting it’s lining. This is why ginger is so widely used to treat stomach upsets. The drink I described earlier is perfect for the little upsets that can happen from time to time as well. I’m sure if I decided to dive into it I could go on for pages about why ginger is perfect, but as I said this is my attempt at explaining, meaning it’s based on my opinions. Now I’m going to make ginger black tea, so I will end this post the way your mom would. EAT IT, its good for you 🙂

For the love of sugar


Sugar. We love it, crave it and many of us (me) seem to never get enough of it. Its a human vice that crosses cultural economic and national divides. For the love of sugar, europeans enslaved millions of africans. For the love of sugar diabetics are dying and losing limbs. For the love of sugar obesity has torn through society like a plague.

We love sugar so what the hell is the issue, why is this a problem? Well I had no Idea of the detrimental affects of sugar until hearing some things that prompted me to ask the same question. I looked around a little bit and there where many sources just waiting to let me know why I should stop eating my sour patch kids of which I can never have just a few. But here is the crux… this is the nature of my sweet lover. She is as addictive as opiates, literally! Causing the release of some of the same chemicals in the brain.

What I found was actually not too far from obvious once I thought about it. Sugar is fuel to the human body. endogenous processes break down our food into its components and then use the sugar this way anyway. This is why sugar can give one that wired feeling. That feeling is due to the blood sugar spike produced by food and drinks that offer it up as one of the main ingredients. Because our bodies know this ingredient to be fuel we want more. I have seen it blamed on the fact that for much of human existence we didn’t have this grocery store lifestyle that we are use to. We where never sure where the next fuel source was going to come from so when you got some you better make it count. But now its all readily available so we just grow fatter as opposed to living off the extra calories for a while until the next meal.

The addictive quality of sugar coupled with the detrimental affects are what make it such a problem. Sugar can be like food for disease. MANY of the nastiest disease causing organisms are anaerobic meaning they hate oxygen… more than that, it spells death for them. While our healthy cells love oxygen but you don’t need me to tell you that. Simply put, sugar doesn’t promote an oxygen rich internal environment. Proof of this is observable in fermentation the anaerobic process that turns sugar into alcohol. Ok remember what I said about our “healthy cells”? Sugar, has also been linked to cancer which is really just unhealthy cells. In fact I know from experience that when someone gets a cancer diagnosis the doctor forbids sugar. Proving they know this which begs the question why is this information not given to people all the time but thats another topic.

So this all means sugar is evil but I believe everything is made up of both good and evil its our actions that tip things one way or the other. The key is moderation, have 2 or 3 Oreos instead of the whole package. Get the small bag of Sour Patch Kids instead of the honking one in my case. Have a piece of fruit instead, that way the sugar is teamed up with all kinds of nutritious goodness. Cinnamon and tomatoes are just two foods that combat sugar cravings. Honey, succant, agave nectar, and pure cane are all better choices as added sweeteners. Think the less processed/refined the better for you it will be. Speaking of which, white pasta, white rice, white bread and just about any refined grain product turn to sugar almost immediately upon breakdown in the GI tract. Producing the same blood sugar spike as many foods that taste sugary. Instead opt for whole grain versions such as wild rice and whole wheat pasta.