Some words + some art

IMG_2403The thing is… shit happens and we have to pay for things. When I cannot I don’t, I do not pull my hair out. I simply and calmly do not pay and will calmly explain my situation to the collector. The key is we must do what we want to, what we have to and keep ourselves happy. Get naked and roll around in your freedom. It will give you peace when things are really crazy. Think about it, really focus on the idea of always doing something you love doing. When something bad happens it happens in the middle of, on the way to or in-between things you love doing. It is Marry Poppins’ spoon full of sugar and it makes the proverbial medicine go down. Sugar curbs the taste of biochemical bullshit and love curbs the taste of hard knocks. Love for life motivated by pursuing our spiritual agenda, doing things that make you feel like fuck yes I did that and its amazing! Do them now. There are traits ingrained in your character that have been there from the beginning these will point the way to activities that make you feel… alive. You were practicing them from the beginning because you were fresh from your vortex. Do not think of careers because they should just be an extension of these activities pursued based on passion. As more and more focus this way it changes the collective reality, the crown jewel and operating system of matrix technology. This is deactivating or crashing it and desperate efforts are being made. Fuck ebola. Can you confirm knowing anyone who knows anyone effected by ebola? Now donate to ebola has popped up everywhere all perfectly synched with the end of the slow boil fear campaign put on by the media. The game has been punch them in the stomach with horror and they will give anything, rights freedom money to be protected. That shit is played and paper thin.

Get money Ebola. Get love loves. ♥


Visit my Etsy shop!

Visit my Etsy shop!
My Etsy shop is now open. I make all natural products from %100 chemical free ingredients. I started with grooming products and will add products gradually. This it the system that I have worked out for my own facial routine so I am presenting it to you powered by my own love for it. These products leave my skin smooth and balanced and the experience is sensually pleasant, because they are made from delicious ingredients. This is a project I have been working on for a while now. About a year studying and experimenting with ingredients and a couple weeks making myself comfortable with the shop. I have been working, drawing from my knowledge of biology and nutrition to work out safe natural formulas that get the job done. These products are made with many ingredients found in kitchens all over the world that are proven moisturizers, zit zappers, cleansers and oil balancers. I firmly believe that if an ingredient can’t be beneficial inside the body then it’s probably not that great for the skin.

Why ginger rocks


There is so much talk about ginger from those who are into health and wellness. If you have ever wondered what’s so great about ginger? here is my attempt at an overview of what makes this little alien looking root perfection. I come from a place where ginger grows naturally, really many things do in the super fertile lushly green area of South Carolina that I come from. In fact this area is the home of Blenhiem ginger ale. Not that this makes me an aficionado on ginger but it’s a fun fact and I guess it suggests that the love runs deep. At any rate I do love Zingiber officinale and it’s an amazing organism.

My favorite thing about ginger is it’s anti-inflammatory property. What many people don’t realize is that mucous is an inflammatory reaction of the body. Mucous is protective and is produced as a reaction to some sort of irritation. Much like puss, which is just another name for mucous forms at the sight of skin injuries. The internal organs and membranes produce the slimy liquid in an attempt to purge foreign substances and microorganisms. The truth is we live in a toxic environment. Processed sugar, chemical preservatives, and hormones in our food. Fluoride and other foreign materials in our drinking water, it’s pretty intense. Ginger’s super power of counter acting the effects of all this contamination alone makes it worth all the praise it receives.

But I’m still talking here, Ginger also has an uplifting effect on the nervous system. I find that ginger gives me a nice little mood boost and this is why it makes its way into most of my smoothies, tea and other drinks I tend to have midday. The scent is strong but pleasantly warm like its flavor so it fits well into a variety of food dishes and beverages. In summer blend a small piece with some water add ice and the juice of a whole lemon. This super easy to make bevy is refreshing and uplifting as well as detoxifying. Ginger also has a centering effect that I enjoy. I love something like this with a yoga session. I’m not sure if this is everyone’s experience or my personal experience of the mood boost.

The main draw for most is the calming effect of ginger on the digestive system. Ginger regulates acid secretion in the gut protecting it’s lining. This is why ginger is so widely used to treat stomach upsets. The drink I described earlier is perfect for the little upsets that can happen from time to time as well. I’m sure if I decided to dive into it I could go on for pages about why ginger is perfect, but as I said this is my attempt at explaining, meaning it’s based on my opinions. Now I’m going to make ginger black tea, so I will end this post the way your mom would. EAT IT, its good for you 🙂