Turn it into love

Turn it into love

I was talking to a good friend the other day and the conversation turned to inspiration. I wasn’t necessarily floored to find out that I inspired him but it was amazing to hear it for some reason. I guess that’s just not what one gets used to in life. No matter how great you may think you are, people aren’t generally reliable for self esteem boosting and life affirmation. We all have so much drama going on in our own lives, traumas that we are dealing with and acting based on. This is the reason that we so desperately need more of the very things we are constanly denying each other. Whats so hard about looking at the person next to you randomly and letting them know you think they are awesome?! The more I tune into the concept the more I see that’s what were here for. I once read something that likened human interaction to chemical reactions, in which each substance leaves the interaction as a different substance. I have no doubt that this is in fact the case, as I am an extremely different person than I was when I met the very friend I’m referring to. Sure, in some part because of change that comes with time but definitely due in large part to the inspiration I receive from this person and everyone else in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am without the communities I’m a part of. At the same time they don’t make me who I am, of course one should never allow their community to strip them of individuality. But truly, none of us would do anything worth doing if we weren’t in some way inspired to do it by those around us. I realize that the conversation would have never turned to me being told how inspirational I am had I not invited it by being open about the way I feel about people. You see a while back I decided to be completely free with my love and positive energy. When I appreciate a person’s presence I let them know in the moment that I feel it. I try to make it clear how and why I feel it. I don’t care how it comes off or whether they feel the context is wrong. The fact is so far I have never had anyone say they did, the reaction is always a beautiful smile and appreciation at being appreciated. Then I feel even more rad at getting it back and a reaction is set off in which the feeling just expands. I enjoy the look of surprise I get sometimes just before the 100 watt smile. An indication that there is not enough appreciation going around but I’m putting an end to this in my sphere of experience and It has worked! Life can be tough and sometimes our best seems nowhere near good enough. We all need reassurance that we’re good enough from time to time. Just do it for your loves there is no downside. We stand to live in a much more peaceful world and the only obstacle is getting over ourselves. 

 ♥ ♥ ♥