poster,375x360,ffffff.u1The growth of my hair has been a part of my spiritual evolution. How can any sort of growth as a person not be connected to one’s hair? It is the story keeper in a way. I was told by a client once that it is their spiritual belief that hair is connected to intuition and this is why they had abstained from cutting their waste length hair. I also know of information that suggests better odds for long haired warriors. I know that I was meant to have long hair. I always admired and coveted hair even as a kid I would pretend because the only thing I knew was short hair. I don’t think I ever really thought to assert my individually and refuse haircuts but I somehow always knew they were not right for me. I hated the atmosphere of the barber shop and ussually didn’t like my barber much because all he seemed to know anything about was football and tits, neighther of which I gave a shit about. I realize now that I also found the experience mildly traumatic. Here I had this person who I felt no connection to posing my head back and fourth with their hands and buzzing away my glory with a piece of small machinery. No one was trying to truamatize me or even turn me into something I was not at the deepest level of intention. But we do live in marlboro man country and the consensus was therefore “you gotta cut that boy’s hair”. It’s interesting now though how as my hair gets longer and longer I feel more natural and at home in my own body. I realize that this is how I always saw myself inside my mind. I say often that time is an illusion and this is just another example of the truth of this for me. I knew as we all know what we are from the beginning, including something that seems as trivial as how we want to express ourselves physically. It is all a part of being built to fulfill our purpose. I have been blown away by the little intricacies that I have noticed built into my being that are fine tuned to fill a purpose I never knew I would need to fulfill. That is the thing though, it is not that I didn’t know I just didn’t remember that it is so. I am here to change the perimeters perceived around many things such as spirituality love gender and sexuality.  The major clue that this is something to be remembered and not learned is that these things I have grown out and grown into such as hair where connected to impulses present from the beginning. On a very superficial level the strands were there since they started growing so every time one looks at his hair from root to tip they are looking back over time. I feel as though I have learned lessons quicker and cultivated a more well integrated presentation of all the aspects of my being since I rejected hair cuts. I have also seen some more experiences so there is no way to know if I would be in the same place mentally with short hair. I can almost assure you that I wouldn’t though because for me there was a connection to my hair but the experience is based on something much grander and comes in different forms for us all. It is blossoming, fulfilling.