Visit my Etsy shop!

Visit my Etsy shop!
My Etsy shop is now open. I make all natural products from %100 chemical free ingredients. I started with grooming products and will add products gradually. This it the system that I have worked out for my own facial routine so I am presenting it to you powered by my own love for it. These products leave my skin smooth and balanced and the experience is sensually pleasant, because they are made from delicious ingredients. This is a project I have been working on for a while now. About a year studying and experimenting with ingredients and a couple weeks making myself comfortable with the shop. I have been working, drawing from my knowledge of biology and nutrition to work out safe natural formulas that get the job done. These products are made with many ingredients found in kitchens all over the world that are proven moisturizers, zit zappers, cleansers and oil balancers. I firmly believe that if an ingredient can’t be beneficial inside the body then it’s probably not that great for the skin.