Growth game tight.

IMG_20150618_111647_281Things are growing along nicely. Regardless of weather you believe it or not. Sometimes it is so fucking hard to grasp that reality, but it is that. We are safer and more comfortable than we have ever been. Yes mass murderers attack randomly and quite sporadically. Then the media sensation machine tries to make us feel as if we have to take some action now to avoid being gunned down while grocery shopping. “Now while your nice and scared lets talk about gun control and trade agreements or whatever.” says the government corporation.

Seek the lesson in every single crazy situation in life. They grow us into better versions of ourselves. The backlash from certain events can feel so harsh. If we settle into the lesson we also settle into the tender nurturing developmental element of these events. The best part is that when we cycle back to similar circumstances we are stars shining the light of our lesson learned. We help each other down our path this way.

Lettuce, kale and tomatoes. This year I randomly spread the seeds instead of separating plants into sections. This should be fun! I’m enjoying seeing things pop up wherever they decide to. These tender little cuties are glowing a season of experience right back at me. I LOVE IT. I’m growing food and romance. What you growing?