No trespassing

No trespassing


I find it infuriating how many pieces of land are marked with signs that read no trespassing. Really think about this… aren’t we all born on this planet? Therefore we all have a stake in it. How is it fair that some group of losers gets to decide what area of the planet your not allowed to visit. Seriously fuck that! The truth of the matter is this is all “stolen” land anyway. I can’t help but think about it all when I see things like this. Europeans came over and brutally tossed native inhabitants off a large portion of this land. Strong-armed them off in all directions and set up a system that relative to each other made them the rightful owners. Oh and then they pretty much decimated the indigenous population all while calling THEM savages. Then the natives where quartered off to little swatches of land because they didn’t buy what naturally belongs to everyone from the white man. What I wonder is when will we as a people, black native white and other stop playing their game? When will we realize that a place on this planet is an inalienable right? We belong to this planet not some other so how the fuck is it right that we have to pay for some space on it? And because we didn’t we can’t walk in some nature apparently set aside for those who did. I mean look at the sign, its meant to come off authoritative, to intimidate. In this day in this country authority equals oppression and intimidation is the tactic. Really, am I going to be arrested for enjoying nature? Because that’s what this implies, but I don’t respond to intimidation. So fuck you Foxcroft East Homes Association and the pig you rode in on, I enjoyed my leisure stroll through the trees today because I recognize my inalienable right to do so :-).

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