Card of the day.

In liew of picturing the cards themselves today this is a photo from yesterday. I have seen this scene 1000 times as who I am today and yet not quite. Makes me realize how life is not about changing but uncovering, confirming the truth of who we are.

6/12/20 Rebalance is the word for today’s work. We are rehashing the parts and pieces to our lives figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Even more so we may be revising the order of things in our lives and restructuring it to facilitate our greater desires. We may be a little bit shakey regarding our succes at first and we may be feeling wholly unsure. Something might have happened that has made us feel a little less our usual warm and sunny self. This may have us stiffling our rays so to speak. Dulling our shine a little while we process all the change that has already happened and integrate this newness that comes from new knowing. Whatever form this is taking we know that coming to some recent realizations have reoriented us for the better. This has recentered us in our purpose and reminded us why we must see culmination. Why the coming together of the factors creating the life we desire is inevitable. The lives we lead need our way of being as much as we need our lives the way it will be, for this is BALANCE.❤ #theworld #thesun #twoofpentacles #culmination #completion #infinity #Jupiter #saturn #peace #selfactualization

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